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Copper Clad

Battery contacts

CSC-3PLY is a material that combines the “pure copper + stainless steel + pure copper” structure, which has high solidity and great spring properties. It is an environment-friendly product used to substitute beryllium copper, which creates pollution.

 clad materials manufacturers
Type CSC-3PLY (Copper + Stainless + Copper)
Base material SUS 304(L), 409(L), 439 Thickness (mm) 0.1 ~ 1.5
Layer material Cu 1020, 1100, 7521 Width (mm) ≤580
Available Form Coil, Sheet

Stainless Clad

Radiator panel

SCS-3PLY is a material with the “stainless steel + pure copper + stainless steel” structure. It also shows great heat radiating performance compared to existing products made solely with stainless steel. The stainless steel on the two sides of the panel guarantees solidity, and it also has outstanding durability.

 clad materials manufacturers
Type SCS-3PLY (Stainless + Copper + Stainless)
Base material Cu1100, 1220 Thickness (mm) 0.1 ~ 1.2T
Layer material SUS 304(L), 409(L), 316(L), 439 Width (mm) ≤580
Available Form Coil, Sheet

Other Clad

Shield can

NSN-3PLY is a material that combines nickel silver, which can effectively block electromagnetic waves, and stainless steel which guarantees solidity. It is suitable as a material for producing shield cans in cell phones.

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Type NSN-3PLY (Nickel Silver+ Stainless + Nickel Silver)
Base material SUS 300 series, 400 series Thickness (mm) 0.1 ~ 1.0T
Layer material Ni 02201 Width (mm) ≤580
Available Form Coil, Sheet